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Joo Won Ind. Co. Ltd.
Address : #201, Samhangb/d, 819-2 Yuksam-dong, Kangnam-ku
City : Seoul
Zip : 135-932
Country : South Korea
Phone : 02-552-1585
Fax : 02-555-7368
Contact Person : Park Dae Hoon
Designation : Ceo
Company Information
Company Profile : Import From Japan, Australia, France Republic, Usa, United Kingdom, Kingdom Of The Netherlands, Swiss Confederation
Business Detail
Business Type: Importers
Products:Ac/dc Amplifier, Ac/dc Type Bh Meter Vsm, Alcohol Analyser, Nit Analyser, Fop Analyser, On Farm Analys, All Kind Of Crash Barries, B-h Curve Tracer, Balometer, Anemometer, Manometer, Dewpoint, Calorimeter,. Canister Air Sampler, Ccd, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Engineering Experimental Appara, Compression & Fraction Machine, Cone Penetration System, Copy M/c, Crush Tester For Automobile, Cylindrical Grinding M/c, Cylindrical Grinding Machine, Electric Furnace Rotary Kiln, Electric Furnace Rotary Kiln, Fermanter, Ft-ir, Ft-ir Spectrometer, Gas Analyzer, Heat Exchanger, High Sped Video System, High Speed Camera System, Motion Analysis Software, Hot Press, Hybrid Recorder, Infrared Thermometer, Ion-source, Ion-beam, Ir/uv Equipment, Roll Coatyer, Rubbing M/c, Ass'y M/c, Clean, Lcd Accessory, Lcd Cell Ass'y M/c(jig Press), Glass Wafer Inserter, Manometer Dewpoint, Moisture Measurement, Multi-spindle Vertical Milling Machine, Multichannel Photodetector, Osmium Plasma Coater, Uvo3 Cleaner
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