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Jac Coupling
Address : 726-2, Hakjang-dong, Saha-gu
City : Busan
Zip : 617-020
Country : South Korea
Phone : 051-317-0822
Fax : 051-317-0855
Website :
Contact Person : Baek-Sool,HAN
Designation : Ceo
Company Information
Company Profile : Jac Company Have Been Supplying High Quality Industrial Power Transmission Couplings Not Only In The Korean Domestic Market But Also In The Major Industrial Countries Including Japan, China.

Our Business Philosophy Is Based On A Long-term Approach And We Are Dedicated To Providing Customers Service And Satisfaction.

Technical Expertise Is A Key Component Of Our Business So We Take Every Measure Necessary To Provide The Support Required.

As You`re New Partner We Will Find The Best Possible Solution For All Your Challenges.
Year established : 1977       Staff : 21-50 Employees
Business Detail
Business Type: Manufacturers
Products:Gear Coupling, Jaw Coupling, Disk Coupling, Grid Coupling, Rubber Coupling, Micro Coupling, Flange Coupling, Chain Coupling, Tire Coupling, Wire Drum Coupling, Fluid Coupling, Universal Joint
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