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Doosan Infra Core Co. Ltd.
Address : 7-11, Hwasu-dong, Dong-gu
City : Incheon
Zip : 401-020
Country : South Korea
Phone : 032-211-1114
Fax : 032-211-1231
Website : http://www.doosaninfracore.co.kr
Contact Person : Seung-Cheol,CHOI
Designation : Ceo
Company Information
Year established : 2000       Staff : Above 1000 Employees
Business Detail
Business Type: Manufacturers
Products:Diesel Engine For Industrial/automative/marine, Generator For Industrial/marine, Air Compressor, Excavator, Loader, Bulldozer, Skid Loader, Tower Crane, Fork-lift Trucks, Industrial Robot, Maching Center, Cnc Lathe, Mfg M/c
Machine Tools Manufacturers in South Korea
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Generators Manufacturers in South Korea
B. E. S. T. Korea Co. Ltd., Seoul, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Bo Kwang Heavy Electric Co. Ltd., Dalseong-gun, South Korea (Manufacturers, Exporters)
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Cns Co. Ltd., Yongin-si, South Korea (Exporters, Manufacturers)
Coastal Power Inc., Seoul, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Dahan Industrial Development Co., Incheon, South Korea (Exporters, Manufacturers)
Dh-m Co. Ltd., Incheon, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Dhp Engineering Co. Ltd., Gimhae, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Dong Ho Automation, Busan, South Korea (Manufacturers)
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Hyundai Heavy Ind. Co. Ltd., Ulsan, South Korea (Manufacturers)
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C.s Machinery Co. Ltd., Cheongwon, South Korea (Exporters, Manufacturers)
Chokwangcme, Gimpo Si, South Korea (Exporters, Manufacturers)
Daesung Crane & Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Gyeonggi-do, South Korea (Manufacturers, Suppliers)
Donghae Machinery & Aviation Co. Ltd., Gongju, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co. Ltd., Changwon, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Eun Kwang Industrial Co. Ltd., Busan, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Hanjin Machine Co. Ltd., Kimhae-sity, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Hansung Lift Transfer Co. Ltd., Busan, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Hungsung Industry Co. Ltd., Kimpo-shi, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Hyun Dai Hoist Co. Ltd., Incheon, South Korea (Manufacturers)
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Ani Co. Ltd., Gunpo Si, South Korea (Exporters, Manufacturers)
Daeyang Machinery Co. Ltd., Gyeongsan, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Han Gil Agri & Golf Machinery Co. Ltd., Gyungsan-si, South Korea (Manufacturers)
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O Sung Electric Co. Ltd., Paju-gun, South Korea (Manufacturers)
Yungjin Mecha Tronics Co., Busan, South Korea (Manufacturers)
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