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Abc Co. Ltd.
Address : 5448-4,sangdaewon-dong,jungwon-gu
City : Sungnam
State : Gyeonggi-Do
Zip : 462-120
Country : South Korea
Phone : 031-730-5114
Fax : 031-730-5123
Website :
Contact Person : Jong-Man,LEE
Designation : Ceo
Company Information
Company Profile : It's Coming New Year Soon. May I Ask You All Peace In Your Prosperity In Business? Due To Our Company, Would You Get Some Angry Or Any Inconvenience? As Representatives Of The Company, I Make My Apologies In Advance.

Though Our Families Already Done, Please Accept Our Apology For Any Insufficient All Matters. Last Year, Our Sales Had Been More Increased Than Previous Year. We Did Our Best And Over Achieved Our Goal. In Coming Year, We Will Make Every Effort Including New And Old Products. Such As Last Year, It Would Be Essential For Us To Your Continuing Patronage And Cooperation. In This Year, We Will Certainly Reach Over 50 Billion (krw) And Make Best Year With Increasing Revenue And Share Price As Well. After 6 Years, We Are Going To Celebrate Our 40th Anniversary.

Teamís Leaders Who Are Responsible For All Groups In Abco, Got Together To Discuss About Next 6 Year's Future. By Sharing Together, All Opinions Focused On Achieving Our Dream Of Making Company Over 100 Billion (krw) Sales. Or We Are Likely To Make 150 Billion (krw) Sales. Please Expect Our Success And Our Dream Must Be Realized.
Year established : 1973       Staff : 101-500 Employees
Business Detail
Business Type: Manufacturers
Products:Flue Gas Desulfurization System, Control Valves
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